About project

This thematic internet-presentation represents the result of the The Digitization and Presentation of Archival Records of the Archives of Vojvodina F.183 Fond via the Creation of a Thematic Internet Platform

The project was financed by the Archvies of Vojvodina with support by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia in 2020.

The project activities were focused on digitizing, translating, and presenting archival records in the Slovak language from the Archives of Vojvodina F.183 fond which was categorized as a cultural heritage of exceptional importance. With regard to its implementation, over 1300 pages of archival holdings have been scanned and processed while at the same time some of the records, that have been comprised by the Commission for Investigation of Crimes Committed by the Occupiers and their Collaborators in Vojvodina, have been translated. Apart from the aforementioned, among the scanned documents are also the so-called reports, that have been compiled by the Survey Commission for Investigating Crimes Committed Against the Slovaks in Vojvodina, whose existence was unknown up until mid-2020, where they were found during research which was being conducted as part of the project activities. The reports deal with Banat, Bačka and Srem and are composed in two languages, Serbian and Slovakian, whereby they were presented in its entirety as a special part of this internet-presentation. The importance of these documents is enormous, seeing as how they represent an account of the war crimes that the occupational forces and their collaborators committed on the territories of Banat, Bačka and Srem, or more specifically, they describe in detail the war crimes committed against the Slovaks during the Second World War. Its content gives insight into facts that were unknown until recently and has a crucial importance with regard to the focus of the research of this project.

NOTE: This internet-presentation is continually being updated and new content is constantly being added.